Installation and execution works


To our customers

To offer a comprehensive service to our clients, Alfran also offers surface treatment and anti-corrosion and finishing coatings in industrial installations. This allows us to offer a higher level of service to our clients, with increased efficiency and coordination on-site, reducing execution times, using synergy, and improving the overall quality of the service.

The installation of heat-resistance materials, thermal insulation, and industrial painting works would not be possible without a suitable system for working at heights. As part of its expansion project, Alfran started to use its own scaffolding in its projects, and subsequently made its own scaffolding services available to its clients. Alfran currently offers scaffolding services that meet the highest safety and mechanical standards, and is now a supplier of this type of service.

Alfran installs Alfranjet technology insulation and anti-acids on dense, heat-resistant concrete. It can be applied as a new coat or to repair the original coating of ceramic or concrete parts. The company also offers anti-acid primer and paint finishes to reduce the porosity of the existing finish. Alfran has a long list of chimney revamping references using Alfranjet technology in projects aimed at meeting emission levels established in the Kyoto protocol. The development of an anti-acid Alfranjet concrete is a much more valuable solution for our clients than traditional ceramic plates, achieving a 50% reduction in the downtime of the installation.


As the sole responsible party, Alfran can guarantee the quality of all its projects, offering coordinated and comprehensive services, from solutions engineering and manufacturing materials, to on-site installation and final delivery of the equipment.