Installation and execution works


To our customers

Our idea is to offer an integral service to our customers. Thus, alfran® also carries out surface treatments, and the application of anti-corrosion and finished lining in industrial installations. This integration makes us able to offer a higher level of service to our customers. Increasing the efficiency and management of on-site, reducing the execution times, and using synergy. All of this, give us a better overall quality of the service.

The installation of refractory, fire-proofing material, thermal insulation, and industrial coating require a suitable height positioning system. As part of its expansion project, alfran® started giving scaffolding support in its projects. Later, we began offering our scaffolding. alfran® currently offers scaffolding services, which satisfy the most severe mechanical and safety conditions. Thus, we positioned as a supplier of this kind of service

alfran® has a highly qualified technical staff with more than 40 years of experience in all industrial sectors, both in national and international projects reinforced with technological partners for the selection of the best-personalized solution for each situation and customer. We provide adequate and personalized technical solutions for the protection of castable and steel surfaces against chemical, thermal and mechanical attack in sectors such as Chemical, Non-Ferrous Metals, Oil & Gas, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Food, Beverages. We manufacture and install dense, insulating, and antacid refractory castables in Stacks (maybe installed by casting or gunning) new linings or repairs to increase the thickness up to the original lining in shapes or non-shapes castable. In addition, we make finishing works with printing or antacid coating to minimize the porosity of the existing lining.

alfran® has a wide list of references in stacks revamping with the Alfranjet technology in projects to adapt the emissions levels according to the Kyoto Protocol. The development of the antacid castable Alfranjet gives the most valuable solution for our customers than the traditional ceramics plates. With that, we can get a reduction of 50% in the installation times.


As the sole responsible party, alfran® can guarantee the quality of all its projects, offering coordinated and comprehensive services, from engineering solutions and manufacturing materials, to on-site installation and final delivery of the equipment.