We manufacture our own molds, offering


Adjusting to the requirements of each client


In Alfran we are specialized in the manufacture of concrete and precast concrete parts, with extensive experience in the area of Cement, Steel, Non-ferrous Metals and other sectors.

We manufacture precast shapes in all the qualities of concrete of our wide range of products, being supplied ready for use, with thermal treatment of controlled drying.

We have exclusive manufacturing technology in large series of this type of vibrocast shapes, which allows us immediate delivery times to the needs of our clients. We design and manufacture our molds of different types of materials according to the shape and quantity of the pieces.

Some examples of the great variety of pieces that we manufacture are shown below:

  • Burner spears
  • Nose Ring
  • Cooler walls
  • Clean Fix Anchors
  • Impact plates, dams, walls and Tundish lids
  • Precast shapes for combustion chambers
  • Deltas, EAF oven vaults
  • Coker battery doors
  • Door frame for aluminum
  • Transfer channels for aluminum
  • Cast Basin for copper
  • Tundish for copper
  • Blocks for muffles and burners

Contact our team for any questions related to precast shapes