tubos reunidos

05 Apr: Adjudication of the Maintenance Contract at Tubos Reunidos Steel Plant. Spain.

tubos reunidosSince the beginning of the year, ALFRAN has been awarded the maintenance contract for the Steel plant of Tubos Reunidos, a world leader in the manufacture of seamless tubular products. Thanks to this compromise, ALFRAN will be in charge of the maintenance of refractory materials in the fundamental equipment of the plant, such as ladles, RH, electric arc furnace, and tundish among others, and with which we will contribute with our experience to satisfy the needs of our customer.

aceros inoxidables olarra

29 Mar: Adjudication of the maintenance contract in the steel plant of Aceros Inoxidables Olarra. Spain.

aceros inoxidables olarra

ALFRAN becomes part of the Aceros Inoxidables Olarra family thanks to the concession of the maintenance contract for the steel plant that the entity has in Vizcaya, País Vasco (Spain). With this agreement, ALFRAN will carry out all the tasks related to refractory materials in the main operating units of the plant, such as ladles, AOD equipment, electric furnace, tundish, etc. Achieving better performance both in plant productivity and in worker’s health and safety.

acerĂ­a de olarra

refractory maintenance repair

20 Jul: Repair of refractory material in Cementos Portland-Valderrivas Seville (Spain)

refractory maintenance repair

Once again, Alfran was the company in charge of carrying out the refractory maintenance repair at the Cementos Portland Valderrivas plant, located in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville).

Although a smaller repair was initially arranged,  the scope of the work was increased both in terms of the installation of brick in the rotary kiln and the installation of concrete in different areas.  Finally, the following areas were repaired:

  • Arch and Smoke Chamber
  • Inlet cone
  • Tile
  • Nose Ring
  • Kiln Hood
  • Rotary Kiln Brick

refractory maintenance repair

The work was performed during 10 days working in double shift, which made it possible to have a fast reaction capacity to fulfill the needs of the client.

Despite the circumstances in which we found ourselves due to COVID-19, the work was developed without any setback complying at all times with the deadlines required by the client.