Refinería de Petronor

27 May: Conversion and Area Units Shutdown in the Petronor Refinery. Muskiz, Spain.

Refinería de Petronor

At the end of last February, Oil & Gas EMEA finished the refractory and fireproofing jobs of the shutdown of the Conversion and Area Units in the Petronor refinery in Muskiz, Spain. This project initially included jobs in 9 different equipments:

áreas de obras en refinería de Petronor

For the development of the works, a total of 45 workers were mobilized. The tasks were developed in 2 shifts, completing more than 10,000 hours of work and reaching the goal of “zero accidents”.

Detail of rowks in the Petronor Refinery in Muskiz

As highlighted works it should be noted that the demolition and replacement of 80% of the refractory (insulator + dense) inside the incinerator SR3-H-001-B was carried out; the coating of Sulfur Pit SR3-TK-0001-B by applying 16,000 kg of our Alfran Gun Ak-42; and, finally, the supply of 126,000 kg of Alfran Lite 10-14, which were installed in various pipelines, furnaces and preheaters.

The completion of this stop at the Petronor Refinery, reaffirms the confidence that the Repsol group is placing in Refractarios Alfran as a regular supplier of materials and labor for refractory and fireproofing work, in the face of future stops at the Muskiz refinery in Petronor.

gestión de seguridad

21 Jun: Security Management in the Repsol Industrial Complex in A Coruña

Industrial Services EMEA is currently in the Industrial Complex of Repsol in A Coruña executing the project of Fireproofing of Structures and Equipment Conversion Area, Tanks and Maritime Terminal.

In addition to the quality of the work that is being carried out, work and performance in the area of occupational risk prevention must be added. The attitude and commitment to safety on the part of all workers within the project, including that of the managers, is reflected in the accident rates. In this way, there has been no record of any work accident loss. This work is being recognized and valued by Repsol. And this is evident in the Act of the Coordination Meeting of April 17. In it, Alfran is congratulated for the action taken in terms of notification and presentation of corrective actions.


In addition, on April 24, Alfran presented its Security Management Program 2018 at the request of Repsol within the Petrochemical IC of A Coruña. The order of the presentation was as follows:

– General Presentation of the Company. Business Areas, Billing Volume, Organization Chart, Locations, Clients, Significant References and other relevant data.

– Management of the Security in the Company. Organization chart Security, Accident data and Main activities.

– Specific Security Plan for the activities in the Complex.

– Differential aspects in the management of security within the company.

– Questions and clarifications

The meeting was developed in a participatory manner and followed with special attention by the Repsol managers. The preventive culture of involvement and commitment, at all hierarchical levels within the organizational structure of the company in terms of prevention, was credited as a value through the implementation of Management Systems in matters of Safety, Quality, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility within the Grupo Aldomer.

The meeting ended with the gratitude, acknowledgment and congratulations from Repsol managers and security officers for the management of prevention in contracts already executed and in execution. Likewise, they encouraged us to continue in this line. For our part, a great satisfaction for this recognition. We hope that it will contribute value and weight in the adjudication of future projects.

The involvement and commitment of those responsible and intermediate managers with the prevention of risks is key to ensure that all employees acquire these habits of safety and health, perfectly compatible with the development of the activity.

From Management and the Prevention Department, we want to congratulate all the staff involved in this project.



repsol puertollano

25 Apr: Photo of the day. Repsol Puertollano

The Journal of Shutdown of Repsol Puertollano has selected as a photo of the day a snapshot of the work team of Industrial Services of EMEA. It is recognized, in this way, the professionalism in the works carried out in the refractory repair in furnaces and ducts in units U-612-621-602-624-643 -660-661-639 in the Repsol Puertollano Industrial Complex.

Project at Repsol Puertollano: an example of professionalism and commitment in prevention of occupational risks

repsol puertollano

To the magnificent work performed must be added the commitment to safety. Thus, it is worth highlighting the dedication and commitment on the part of the entire team, especially the Prevention Technician, throughout the project. The work carried out on the prevention of occupational risks has been fundamental. Likewise, the maximum requirement of compliance with Repsol’s safety standards and procedures has been respected.

From Management and Prevention Department, we congratulate everyone for the professionalism and commitment shown in this project.